Artisan Profile: Ebbz N Flow Apparel

How'd They Start?

We got started by investing a few hard earned dollars into 24 shirts and 12 hats to sell to friends and family! Word of mouth and positive comments on the quality and detail of our merchandise helped us sell all of those items and we kept reinvesting in more and more product. We then started a few social media platforms showcasing our clothing and we just grew from there.

Why Did They Start?  

A life-changing experience that my wife And I went through in 2012 inspired us to start our brand. Our son was born with a disability and we had to embrace the highs and lows, the ups and downs, and the ebbs and flows of what we were experiencing. We then decided after having so many people support us through our situation, to find a way to give back. We created EBBZNFLOW as a means to raise awareness about Spina Bifida and donate a portion of each purchase to helping us in doing so. Through it all, we have learned to embrace life’s EBBZNFLOW and encourage others to do so as well!


What makes your product unique?

Our apparel is of the highest quality and different than other brands because most of the detailing in labels and such is hand sewn by us. We try and make sure that we touch the products we sell as much as possible. Our bracelets are handmade and not a manufactured product. Lots of blisters and long hours go into everything from choosing colors, braiding, and packaging each bracelet! As well, we are giving back to Spina Bifida awareness with each purchase!

Tell us something about your product

Our products are known for QUALITY! Return customers are our biggest advantage! Our customer relations are something that we take pride in and appreciate!
You can learn more about Ebbz & Flow Apparel here!