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Artisan Profile: Cherry Hill

How'd They Start?

Cherry Hill Coffee was established in 1986. A fellow from Italy came to Kelowna with a dream of opening his own coffee roaster. He started Cherry Hill Coffee and in 1991 a husband and wife from Winnipeg, Ontario purchased it.

Why Did They Start?  

Don and Francis Biglow who purchased Cherry Hill Coffee in 1991 had a dream to own a coffee roaster. They both worked in the coffee industry in Winnipeg and when they moved to Kelowna the opportunity presented itself and they jumped on it. They ran a very successful small family business and in 2001 they decided to retire and their 2 sons David and Jeff Biglow took over the family business. David and Jeff both came from Winnipeg and both had worked in the coffee industry like their parents and have a deep passion and love for coffee.


What makes your product unique?

We roast our coffee fresh to order every day. When our customers place an order we roast it that day, nothing sits on our shelves. As mentioned above we buy 100% organic certified coffee, but we are also Plant Certified right here at Cherry Hill Coffee. We have to adhere to organic certification audits every year; they are the governing body of BC organic certification laws. They ensure we are purchasing only 100% Organic Certified Coffee and also that we are doing our best at handling the coffee, roasting it, cleaning our equipment, etc... Our roastmaster treats each single origin coffee with such care. Each coffee has its best tasting attributes at different temperatures or as we know them roast levels. Light, Medium, Dark for example. We try each coffee and test it at all different roast levels and decide which roast level brings the coffee tasting profile to its best potential. When blending our coffees we have worked for years on developing the best blends that can have upwards of 5 different varietals with each coffee being roasting to a different roast level. Each blend has its own very unique profile.

Tell us something about your Industry 

We often do plant tours with groups of people wanting to learn more about coffee. We would say the number 1 thing that always comes up that people don't know is that coffee is grown on a coffee cherry tree and it comes from the fruit of the cherry. There is a seed inside the cherry and that seed is the coffee bean.

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