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Artisan Profile: Engravables Design Studio

How'd They Start?

I sort of inherited the family engraving business which was manually run before. I took things digital, and decided to try the other applications for the equipment and continue to grow all the time in what can be done!

Why Did They Start?  

I was on maternity leave from my career job and decided to see what I could make of things on my own rather than going back to work full time.


What makes your product unique?

I can literally personalize just about anything, and I'm able to add those special little touches people are looking for to make their gift, or piece of home decor one of a kind. I infuse a lot of my work with quirky, sarcastic humour...which shows a lot of my personality too.

Tell us something about your creative process

Often, people are surprised to find out it's just me. I am the designer, engraver, accountant, shipper/receiver, and face behind all the products. Clients often expect me to have a team of helpers and a shop or warehouse...when really it's just me, running the business solo from within my own home.
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