Artisan Profile: The StylePak


Who is the Style Pak?

We are a luxury subscription box company that caters to men and women. Originally started by Canadian stylist & menswear specialist, Shona Cruz, the brand began offering only men's accessories; we have since expanded to include a popular women's line as well. So now you can choose from a variety of Paks primarily featuring Canadian fashion brands and receive a stylish delivery of accessories each month.

How'd They Start?

We got started by way of our sister brand Shop With Shona, a wardrobe planning brand which designs custom, ready to wear and made to measure suits for men & women. We needed a reliable high quality source of accessories like ties, pocket squares, cuff-links and socks just to name a few- we have recently expanded into skin care as well! We wanted to seek out top quality local brands and curate them in a way that is modern and convenient.

Why Did They Start?  

We got started because we found a gap in the market place for high quality style accessories in a single platform AND easily accessible. We wanted to cater to the ambitious man/woman. People intentional about living their best life imaginable from personal style to home life. Between maintaining a thriving career, enjoying an active social/recreational/spiritual/family life, who has time to waste in a mall, trusting sales people who don't care about your style preferences or understand your lifestyle? No one. We have stylist curated boxes that ensure we offer modern and unique items you won't see just anywhere. We strive to make personal style virtually effortless for each customer.

Tell us about your creative process

Our curation process is simple. We keep 3 things in mind: uncompromising quality, aesthetic appeal and timely delivery. Additionally, our products are mostly made by hand right here in Canada; because we feature various designers/brands, our customers get to enjoy the benefits of multiple creative processes in addition to our own!

What makes your product unique?

Foremost, our vendors are extremely loyal (and ridiculously creative humans). We offer a combination of 4+ products bundled together in a single Pak for a far less cost of buying each item singularly. As well, often times we develop exclusive products with our vendors so we get to offer products that cannot be found anywhere else, totally to the benefit of our customers!!

Tell us something about your Industry 

Society today is embracing a no waste culture. Fast Fashion is horrible. Having a well thought out wardrobe for each lifestyle means leveraging quality over quantity. Unique accessories add individuality and personal flair to a basic foundational wardrobe. It also is cost-effective to sign up for a StylePak. It offers major value from a budget perspective.